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Hi friends, I'm most grateful to know quite a few of you and had a super awesome time hanging out here, but I've been getting so many spams and creepy p)rno replies and links and so forth whenever I post a lil silly spazz, it's too much a hassle to waste my time sieving through and deleting constantly.

I'm moving to  I'm too lazy and so not a diligent person to be a serious blogger, I spent 30 min of picking out a theme and pretty colors and importing everything fr lj there and I call it a day!  I do still love to have/need a little nook to spazz, hopefully I'll like it and it'll be painless.  ;)

Pausing my Reply 1997 for a SQUEEEEE and some silly personal anecdote
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*Spoilersssss, not too bad, but...SPOILERS*

I'm 15 mins into ep7.  I've only spent a bit more than 3 hrs with these characters and they are already soooo darling and close and cerebral to me...I want to know EVERYTHING about them.  I already get more than I can ever bargain for imagine essaying.... but every turn, we know more of their 30sth selves, and gosh I'm screaming TELL ME! TELL ME MORE when they r 18, 33, 24, 28, 38...MORE.  I'm still enthralled in absolute AWWWWWW how real every single moment EunJi's ShiWon is and how much I love some certainly lady writers my age that should be my bff or twin IF Saturi and Cantonese r communicable.  She is obviously sooo passionate about her teen years and all things magical about that period as trivial as they may be....but tiny perfect little bubbles of innocence never left us even after they've burst.

I can so relate with every emotion, every little minute happening but of her whole existence SW is going through, EVERYThiNG.   And I'm pausing now because SW wrote some slashy fanfic, hilarious even fr the parts I can make sense of.  She has a fanfollowing in her classmates, who can't wait for the next juicy chapter...and is caught redhanded, undergoing detention of sorts. Of course Teacher is more amused reading, that any 'disciplining' is out the window, haha truth be told he's threatened by our itsy fiesty heroine of certain death if he lets any of this out and near the ears of her fam.  Teacher then got a lightbulb moment to her ticket to entering a writing contest!!!!  GOSHHHH this is sooo delicious and meta!  This IS the magic dust of truth....of what sparked lady writer writing this gem and it must be more dear and personal to her than we've previously known of prior to this point!  She must've got a turning point in life of her calling in 1997, to be a writer...and this drama is her heartfelt Reply to it.


I didn't rabidly fall for an idol in my teen years as hopelessly as SW, I didnt get last place in class and seemingly no career path after HS and not a care about it because life's goal is to be Mrs. Idol..... but I did write silly fanfics!!!!  And there's the childish, no regard of consequences things I did like writing sci-fi wuxia novellas (yup the most seminal genre is scifi-wuxia in my little made-up literati world then), on mundane essay topics of what one aspire to be when one grows up (yeah we had THE cheesiest composition topics which we're forced to sit through 3 periods of and at the end of it, spun out a 4 page essay to be graded.  That was 5 years of my sad schooling).  I wrote 10 pages that time, totally had the juices flowing, thought it was my best writing to date still..  My teacher....thought it was the most elaborate piece of stinkiest turd.  She gave a lecture next wk, handing us back our graded work, I got the only failing grade out of the whole class, and she went on jabbing EVERYTHING and only everything I wrote, posted it on the noticeboard for all to tease at, as a what NOT to write and absolutely wasting her time reading.  I was so humiliated, sad and furious, white-knuckle shaking.  After the week of utmost humiliation of walking by MY 'masterpiece', I carefully took it down, pulled an all-nighter editing the hell out of it, sent it to a few reputable newspapers with columns of weekly writing contest, posting winning entries every Sunday and will pay a decent sum of $ IF published.  I've never been the least confident in anything I wrote (duh) but triggered by the all consuming Rage! I did it, with the grandiose out of nowhere it would certainly be published and I would get my sweet revenge.  And it did.  I cut out the clipping and magic-glued it permanently on that piece of cork noticeboard as a big fat F!U TeacherwithNOtaste.  I was paid $500 HKD, ie ~$70 USD, and treated my whole year egg tarts.  It stayed there on the noticeboard that whole year.  I've never been cooler in my life.

OK, I'm craving some eggtarts now, but more urgently, back to drama!!!!

To the Beautiful You is in my garbage disposal
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Most tragic:  it's lazy and it's boring.

Everyone is not given a lick of nec direction to help them out.  HyunWoo included *sigh*

I'm most disappointed in Sulli (because her character is all I'm asking for to be decent), I hate it when we r doing these girl is faking as a boy and there's NO attempt to even try other than a haircut.  GEEZ, long hair is not our sex organ, we can cut it and it doesn't instantaneously neuter us to a not!girl.  So Sulli didn't even try a bit to hold in her girl voice  AND everyone thinks she's a boy just like that?!?!!?!!??! THE hell?!?!

Cutie Lee HyunWoo is lost, doing nth except standing around with the most tragic hairdo (yes, I wouldn't be as annoyed IF the whole class spot the same exact do, but y JUST hyunWoo?!?? what's the 'thot' behind it?!?!?! the same ones giving us the BOF hamburger dress?!?!  The only nice thing I can say is MinHo is doing a decent job in all honesty, better than Shun's Sano at the same point of story. *but I don't care much about Sano*

And the music is as expected: BOFdeux  territory.

There's just no vivre, no heart, no fun, no nth except the shallow insipid pretty.

And its greatest offense?!?!  Samsoon Unni, the actress we so adored as Samsoon's fiesty prettier bigsis, whom I missed seeing more of.   She had a new Avatar hugeass sticking out/stuck on nose, almost unrecognizable, it honestly looks like she had a sex-change.  TAKE THE VISUAL BACK! ><

A Monday on a Tuesday post
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I'm finally taking my lunch break 3 hrs late, getting some caffeine, and eyecandies while munching my sammich (fried halibut chimi with ALL the fixings.  SO EVILLY YUMMMMM!)

Part of the fun of O is the poking fun of it, and this is so cracktastically hysterical.  A CN english geek faking as reps of diff countries giving an 'official roundup of the London games in their stereotypical accent, in 'English', no less.  Not for the easily offended:

Until next time, TTFN boys and girls! Xiexie and muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhkkkkk!

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The new CN crownprince of the heartthrobs this O is undoubtedly Sun Yang.  I find him amusing because he's such a derp in RL. 

And with clothes...and off!

Apparently he can sing decently as well.  Yeah, fangirls, scream on!  Betcha wont have to wait 4 years to see more of this dork everywhere.

It's not hard to guess there is a The Voice of China, and even easier to predict there are LOTS of amazing singing talents to be found.  This is how the CN derps watch the popular show:
This is the 10 best perfs gone viral:
Some are truly goosebumps inducing good.  My fav is 多亮's rendition of SodaGreen's Little Love Song, imo, it's much better than the original.

I also really love everything about this young lady, from the rural mountains of SiChuan, of the minority ethnic group 彝族 Yi.  Her mom teaches her all the songs.  The English is a bit iffy, but the personality and stage presence, undeniable.  Two of the judges have big concerts coming up or ongoing, and they tried to use it as bribes for her to join their group, but decided she should go with her heart which of the mentors is most suitable for her, BUT they still want her to be special guest in EACH show of their concerts.  And WHAT a pretty costume and Mom's outfit as well! 

To the Beautiful You
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My gut has no nice reaction on Arang/Faith/HaeundaeLovers/MayQueen (did I leave other Oh!SuperKdrama?!) and I'm only interested in HanaKimi(Kr) in the upcomings. Judge on.  Other more anticipated/promising by everyone else have peeps I just can't deal with at all (Kim HeeSun) or was not able to fall for in looks and talents even when I've seen their every work (namely Lee JunKi and Lee MinHo to name a few).  Then there r boys whom I have only seen a glimpse of in passing who are totally attractive instantaneously (inappropriateness be damned) and promising ie the main boys of HanaKimi(Kr).

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[All gifs and pics fr weibo and tumblr]

I can watch this possible dud for a true to manga Ashiya and shush my inner rantmonster, I can!....For the teenager in me. :D

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Other than a dud or 2 promptly kicked off the curb, it's been 8 months straight of lovely things I'm watching, even if fewer to come by, catching my eye has become a formula of sorts equating awesomesauce on drama's own merits. I guess I'm finally wiser, maybe it does correlate with getting older and can hold off my nosiness checking out everything that is 'raved' upon and revert to whether my interest was piqued from the get go based on ...6th sense? gut? Knowing myself better and being less tolerant? I do have to thank a few dearTweeps for majorly Pimping CrackofPerfection, recs like ILICDD, but most crucially, it's exactly the type of drama I gravitate towards.

Anyway, my lucky streak continues, it seems. :)

Answer to 1997 is Cute instantaneously, everything is spot on real and sassy. You can tell from the get-go things can only get better when we spend more time with the characters...they r all effortlessly real and charming in their own way without trying to please because most noticeable positive: the writer is writing this with every ounce of heart and love in her.  It goes from me squeeing Cute! Oh I had and did that, that, that and THAT!  and served a nostalgia galore buffet...then things get tighter, being 18 yos in 1997 is...dare I shout it, my gen. every tiny details r hitting home runs even when I know scantily little of Kpop/Kdrama circa 1997.  I know I'm missing quite a lot of lovely references but the genuine emotion it evokes...I'm getting all the tingles. The Oppas r real and they only occupy our whole being when we r at that certain age of puppies, unicorns and hormones. I'm sure the ~18yos of 2012, or anyone who's been a teenager once, will find it speaking his or her exact vocab as well because the situations, the growing pains r all the freaken same and dealt with so much honesty and care.  I finished all the available eps last night, and as with every addiction, it again ups its ante, hitting way too close to home and I out-cried our girl ShiWon. Not easy a feat, but I did.
I love everything about it, down to the shouty match in had a ring of Sat pm in Women's market MongKok HK to me,  the perfect cuppa to tide me over my glorious CDD addiction. *<-No it's not calming down, I'm afraid.*

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Drastically different shows, Obviously Reply1997 is much more painstakingly researched, thoughtfully done and GJ2 is still kitschy mass TVB fare, but on the heart-meter, both r brimming with it. Bottom-line is, they respect their audience, and the production shines in how much it loves its material and the fans they r conversing with.  Nth more I can ask, esp these started off as means to an distract me fr rewatching a certain 170eps of perfection and royally F! my life and the lives of others around me.

Mind is BLOWN
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I love Olympics and it's been the most normal happenstance where I grew up to watch it as a family unit, every event that's aired, every night and day (it's summer break).  I don't rem Winter Olympics being aired as a kid so as a result, I do not have sucha strong emotional bond with it and care for it less.  Afterall snow is a thing great many of the world's population do not live with while the summer games truly have a feeling of one world united for an event.  It's been hard to come by to watch it with my parents since I've left for college moons and moons ago....and yes, to remind myself, I haven't watched this event with my entire fam of 4 where most of the world is participating one way or the other since my younger bro was 12.  He's getting married in WEEKS.  Time, flies.

Because my dreamjob *IF it pays my mortage* is to be a flailing fangirl 24/7. Think of the decibel I've been responsible for watching the games with the hot boys/men and super ladies on ma screen. O___O

Then imagine when BTV, the Beijing local cable channel, is doing fangirly gossipy sound bites on Sun Yang's resemblance on my Loverboy as Yang Kang!  I swear IF I can bottle this weird serendipity pertaining to my fandoms colliding and calling it a superpower of sorts, I can know miles away and get my hands on Bruce Wayne, knowing he's Christian Bale and Batman before Catwoman at least.

It is fun to be a child again and watch it with my inlaws this time around.  I get to pick what event I wanna catch up and even what language I prefer to watch it in, just the way it was.  I've been avoiding NBC (the US broadcaster) like a PLAGUE.  The last straw was tonight, when WE LANDED ON MARRRSSSSS and they r showing some taped event the rest of the world have seen half a day+ ago.   Stupidity is truly without a cure.  I've been watching everything mostly on BBC streams, those commentators r the stereotypical wry Brits with their brand of British humor which for some reason never can offend me.  Not saying London did a fantastic job in hosting the games.  It's so full of silly booboos it's like watching a daily sitcom.

And speaking of daily sitcom.  I Live in Cheongdam Dong has aired it's 170th episode, its finale last friday.  My life is at once complete and will forever house a void since the last scene.  IT IS PERFECTION.  So perfect I'm honestly speechless how they managed to do it with the chopping off of 30 eps yet obviously it did make the final product much more perfect rationally without all the fat and trimmings.   I can see that, but I will forever be grumpy and be the silly fanggirl fistbumping DARNIT!!  TPTB U OWE ME 30 EPISODES OF PERFECTION!!! 3-0, half hour each, that is 15 almost an ENTIRE KDRAMA!!!! And I can do without the ENTIRE lineup of Kdramas lately and the upcoming new sparkly new shows (frankly nth interests me remotely) to have those 30 eps.

Other than repeating 'Oh THE PerFECTION!' 'AWWWWWWW' 'MAGNIFICANT' 'LET ME HUG U ALLLLLL!' 'I NEED HUGGGZZZ T___T'...I can't properly write about my feels.  I'm quite sure I can never express properly how much I love this little daily.  The show has left me, but as a fact I know of myself, I WILL rewatch eps of this till the day I draw my last breath.

And what other awesomeness did I watch lately?!  TDKR.  Twice, 'back to back'  a Fri late show last wkend followed by the 9am Sat showing.  I still can't stop thinking about it just shakes and resonates with EVERY cell I have, so viscerally I can't bring myself to nitpick a thing about it, I just feel EVERY emotion the movie, ie Nolan, ie Batman should evoke in me.  Every so often, I can feel the vibration, the loaded, dense, physical memory of sth shaking your inner core, aided by most effective sound throughout the movie, along with the tragedy taking so many lives and we all will not be the same again.  It won't be, but we have to keep calm and carry on.

This is an amazing 'fan' vid (it's done by the professionals behind the CGI visual of Ip Man 1, 2 and Gallants....all breathtakingly good works).  Stop motion.  Mind, is blown:

Counting down to Dec
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Last stretch, ~4 months to go.  I don't need him to jump into a new project or whatever. I only want maybe a snap of him buying Christmas presents for his folks/fam/hyungs in CheongdamDong looking like a dork in a baseball cap and totally chillaxing and flashing his dimpled shy smiles to anyone in sight.

In other words, no more drawing of blood in ur uniform, while fanahjumma'nurse' is madgrinning at you all happy<_<:

Then there's THE epic 5/6-way battle on the Cmovie front.  Tbh I've not seen a truly decent Cmovie epic/blockbuster since War of Flowers and that was Dec last yr.  This year there are a multitude of megablockbusters in store and the battle will be cut throat bloody.

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HOW COOL AND HAWWTTT was that?!?!  Oh rem Shanghai Bund?  This gen may think HXM IS the personification of the enigmatic Xu Wen Qiang, but nth is gonna touch CYF's original classic rendition of the same role that caused the most massive Shanghai Bund wave in the 80s grander and more sweeping than all the subsequent fandoms in all of Asia.  And here Wong Jing is giving me a visual mash of the WenQiangs.  OMFG!!!  Most intriguing is, CYF is playing the most colorful figure in 1920s SH and greater China, Du YueSheng Godfather, dashing millionaire, powerful KMT key figure...and the Father of Red Cross China...just to name a few of his hats.

Interest, is PIQUED!

Not a good day
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It's a major Monday at work, which I can totally forget now that it's done with.  I had to skip lunch, hypoglycemia makes me supercranky.  IF someone offered me his/her head last few hours, I would've bitten it off DrJin gory style. 

But mostly I haven't had my daily dose of I Live in Cheongdam Dong and I'm turning into a dagnabbitwererabbit.

I started a bulk dl of SUFBB last night just in prep for the end of ILICDD when I will definitely go batshxt...yeah Aug3rd, next Fri. I'll mostly stay away fr any gadget. I wont terrorize, and instead will curl inside my bed with blankets around me muffling my wails and sobs and CRIES and @$^%#^*&@%^!$%@$#%DONT GO~~!

And you know what?  Instead of SUFBB, I dl'd FlowerBoy Ramyun Shop by mistake.

Is FBRS watchable?  I know nth about it because when it's airing I have no mood for flowery fluff.  I like JIW alright, but since RoI he has steadily downgraded himself.  Then there's Lee ChungAh whom I kinda still have a soft spot for fr Temptation of Wolves. BUT it's again some flaky teacher and her much younger HS flowerboy student.  I'm fresh off royally bored, so bored I cease to care to be pissed by BIG 15+16.  Can I handle this?!?!?

My Fav BTS fanvid EVER
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'Shooting Eagle: Love'

*excuse me while I go cry my eyes out over the lovely cutest 4some*

I bet most of us who've watched the drama have seen this numerous times, and don't tell me whenever you see this popping up somewhere, you won't drop everything you are doing and watch and tear up and miss these babies soo sooo terribly it hurts.  It is too much.  T___________T *rewatchx10*

This is a new terrifically made BTS/recap/docu by LSS' fans:

We all know LOCH08 was nowhere close to perfection, but things were done with soo much heart and earnest you are not human if you do not have a soft spot for it and rem all the goodness very fondly.  Seeing pieces of it after a while, it actually looks much better than the constant stream of crap we've been put through during the time transpired.  *le sigh*  Good old days indeed.


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